Motor yacht charter Bonaventura

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Small town surrounded by many islands and deep blue sea

Welcome to Bonaventura

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These days time become luxury. Spending your free time wisely is very important when so many of us have such a little time to spare. This year is perfect time to reward yourself with a journey you deserve.

Whether you are adventuristic adrenaline junkie willing to explore islands, caves, national parks and bays, if you are looking for a way to connect with your family and friends or disconnect by having a quiet relaxing time, or maybe you are looking for a romantic escape way with your loved one.

1. Family & friends

Chartering here allows you to explore some of the beautiful islands of outstanding natural beauty Istria is offering. Rovinj archipelago consists of 13 islands only 500 meters from shore line, while Brijuni national park counts up to 14 islands where you can find local zoo, safari park, museums, educational programs for children, also you can explore hidden archeological sites all the way from prahistorial times and discover real dinosaur footprints. Additionally you can explore Pirate Morgan’s cave in Lim fjord.

2. Secret romance

There in nothing more romantic than front row withnessing spectacular sunset while listening to a magic sea wisper accompanyed by dolphin group swimming and playing in the sea while fine dining and sipping chanpagne with your amore.

3. Adrenaline and adventure

For adrenaline seekers and sports enthustiactics expecting different adventure on shore. We can offer you jet ski, water skiing, tuba, wakeboard, swimming and snorkeling in cristal clear Adriatic sea.